Carissa Inez,
sanguine, postcard lover, wine guzzler,  lover of frocks and heels.  

Hi! I am Carissa Inez, a Filipina lady, the words behind the blog Flight&Vintage. I rive my time by having a 9-6 job at a government academy, designing blogs and webpages, creating colorful postcard worthy photographs, satisfying my wanderlust to travel, and constantly shopping for clothes and vintage pieces. My unpredictable, sweet and sanguine personality is just as fascinating as I rack my mind creating colorful images of sunsets, candies, scenic landscapes and lately working with my friends as a subject of my photograph. My love affair with colorful photographs began when I was in constant travel, walking on different grounds from beaches to different scenic locations. As my story progresses, I continue to dream on  travelling to different continents to create visuals that would please my imaginative brain. Flight Vintage is a graphical spreadsheet of my fanciful musings, exuberant thoughts, and experimental style.  

If you’re a postcard fan or you want to work with me or simply share your thoughts, send me an email at carissainez@gmail.com.