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I love to be above air, may it be on a plane or just merely standing up in rooftops of a building.



photos by: Me

Recently, I had a whirlwind of obligatory tasks to do at work that I thought I would have to put on halt mode the colorful things in life. I was wrong. While staying for a week here at Greenhills √Član Hotel Modern, I was fascinated by the colorful minimal design architecture they possess. Plus I commend on the cleanliness. I can't help but snap some photos while sashaying to and fro around the hotel and relieving myself from stress through a bottle of sparkling water.

Relaxing in my bed, while listening to the sound of the rain, I'm quite happy receiving letters and postcards from different parts of the world. Yesterday, I saw in my mailbox 2 new postcards from Netherlands and Belarus, I think, if I'm not mistaken. While on the image above are postcards from Turkey and Singapore, two places which I have included in my travel bucket list. Aside from postcards I have received a wedding invitation from my childhood best friend who is now residing in Canada. In a teary-eyed situation while reading her invitation, finally my childhood best friend whom I had been writing snail mails letters since I was a kid is now tying the knot. I'm happy for her.