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Despite a very sunny weather, I always bring sweaters or pullovers with me.





bangkok travel flightvintage
Vintage printed maxi tube skirt, H&M turtleneck, Ipanema Flip Flops 

Before wearing this maxi skirt, I had numerously searched Google on cool ways to wear a maxi skirt. Why the apprehension of some sort, probably because of my height, I'm fairly short. I have finally embraced my height without the help of additional inches from heels. Laid-back in style wouldn't hurt.

Maxi skirts can be quite a staple clothing for all year round. Especially during sunny weather, the fabric seems cool to the skin giving utmost comfort and feminine aura. The perfect weather condition during the time I was in Bangkok gave me a reason to finally wear this maxi skirt alongside sashaying my way at Safari World, Bangkok and watching animals performed tricks.

And now, scouting the next perfect maxi skirt to wear.


H&M turtleneck sweater, Maldita shorts, Rings from Forever 21,  Bazaar flats

To describe the ambiance as minimalist is relatively precise. Few reasons could top the indulgence of hanging out in cafés and drinking teas. Cakes, fruit juices, coffee, chocolate chip cookies probably visualized in your head. For this dreamy aesthetic of the place, I took my fleeting time consuming hot lemon tea, cheesecake and momentarily dreaming of John Cusack as some of my favourite scenes from the movie Serendipity were filmed in a café. Dressed casually in a turtleneck sweater as warming as they can be, you might be deluded of the level of temperature inside the café, just that I've adorned turtlenecks lately.

post-processing: Carissa Inez


Photo Processing: Carissa Inez

Switched from the plain cardigan to an intricate one when I was strolling around Baguio. In an instant, these photos reminded me of the cold atmosphere that Baguio possess. It was a ponder of what to wear in a bleak weather without being to literal. Surely, I would pack an added jacket when out traipsing on the streets, sipping my strawberry taho and be amused of the vintage finds located in session road (the night market is a different story). 

Enough of the time travel, back to real time setting and face the fact that I've been sickly this week. After weekends of not having enough rest being out and about can be quite an exhaustion. Last weekend I was happily in an amusement park with my friends. No ride was spaced out until the day turned into night time signaling my body to a halt. 

Adrienne Vittadini knitted jacket, Esprit cardigan, Vintage pencil skirt and bag, Bazaar flats


Photos by Roy Irvin
Edited by yours truly

A glass of wine with friends will surely rationalized bonding moments. It's the countless number of laughter and inspirational smiles set upon dinner that would connect lost time. Somehow this inspired the mood of the photo above, captured by a great photographer who simply has an eye for details. Messy hair just make part of the whole set.


Though it may be tricky to match a top with colored pants, still I'm up for it. Pairing it up with a simple white polo blouse to channel the focus on the pants.  I realized that style and preferences changes as trends evolved. I used to remember I was never a fan of colored pants but these days, I can't get enough of intense colors it seemed like a refreshing separation from jeans and black trousers.  It's the best way to add some spice in the monochrome wardrobe that I have. 

In conclusion, colored pants are going to be my friend for a while. 

Zara colored pants, White polo blouse, Envelope bag bought in World Trade Bazaar, Charles and Keith Nude Wedge


I've always been mulling whenever I get the chance to hang around the pool side with me not wearing swimwear. If whether or not ample amount of sunshine has been taken up, or regardless of my feet playing in the water. Enough of this dreamy sunshine weather.

 As much as I pretend that it is summer, weather in the Philippines doesn't really collude with me. Rain has been in constant part of my daily life this month that it all boils down in bringing a jacket to work. As a breather, wearing shorts and a silk lightweight flowy top would seem appropriate while hanging around the pool side with the decorative framed french windows. The softness and texture of the cloth deluding me to a breezy weather.

   Apartment 8 top, River Island shorts, Crocs sandals, Forever 21 sunglasses


Rode the ship last weekend from Oriental Mindoro to Manila. It was kind of a whirlwind moment coz our scheduled first trip was cancelled. Supposedly a ferry was gonna take us to Batangas Pier but since the engine got into trouble we opted to ride the ship instead. It was a different experience for me since I get to savor the breezy atmosphere as I chilled outside overlooking the endless blue seawater. 
Traveling from an island back to the city made me decide to casually wear jeans partnered with flats since I know I'm gonna walk tons. I've always been fascinated with colors and I try to transpire it to my daily wear just to add that vibrant energy. It may be odd choosing minty colored pants but it seem like it blended well  the island scene.With the intense heat who accompanied us, a sports cap turned out to be my friend guarding my eyes from the rays of sunlight.

American Eagle Outfitters Pants,Sports cap and loose top from bazar vintage market, Melissa flats,