Photo Processing: Carissa Inez

Switched from the plain cardigan to an intricate one when I was strolling around Baguio. In an instant, these photos reminded me of the cold atmosphere that Baguio possess. It was a ponder of what to wear in a bleak weather without being to literal. Surely, I would pack an added jacket when out traipsing on the streets, sipping my strawberry taho and be amused of the vintage finds located in session road (the night market is a different story). 

Enough of the time travel, back to real time setting and face the fact that I've been sickly this week. After weekends of not having enough rest being out and about can be quite an exhaustion. Last weekend I was happily in an amusement park with my friends. No ride was spaced out until the day turned into night time signaling my body to a halt. 

Adrienne Vittadini knitted jacket, Esprit cardigan, Vintage pencil skirt and bag, Bazaar flats