Perhaps, I am a few weeks late of absorbing that I've grown another year older. Surely by now beginning the month of December, it finally struck through. Traveled to Bangkok a few days before my birthday, spending almost a week in a diverse culture of city was truly an awesome experience. I have yet a load of content to write about, but hopefully my Instagram feed could make-up for it now. Festive of activities had been happening, birthday celebrations of my favorite grandma and lolo slash instant family reunion, seeing my cousins in which they're much taller in height.

So back to the self-induced photos and please excuse my sleepy eyes. Recently, I took time on updating my lip color collection. It had always been shades of pink and red consuming my everyday look. After some contemplating, wine-stained lip color won the battle in my head. Though it may be daunting for me considering it exudes a darker aura, nevertheless it's worth it. A few youtube tutorials seen (a Michelle Phan tutorial) and articles read on magazine were of help in choosing the right shade of wine-stained color for my skin complexion. I may not be as courageous to go on a vampy shade of color, and took the lighter berry wine-stained shade with a little bit of plum involved. Above are the results of my experiment, with a directed concept of my good friend Rudstin, involving white sheet and soft hued light.