Rode the ship last weekend from Oriental Mindoro to Manila. It was kind of a whirlwind moment coz our scheduled first trip was cancelled. Supposedly a ferry was gonna take us to Batangas Pier but since the engine got into trouble we opted to ride the ship instead. It was a different experience for me since I get to savor the breezy atmosphere as I chilled outside overlooking the endless blue seawater. 
Traveling from an island back to the city made me decide to casually wear jeans partnered with flats since I know I'm gonna walk tons. I've always been fascinated with colors and I try to transpire it to my daily wear just to add that vibrant energy. It may be odd choosing minty colored pants but it seem like it blended well  the island scene.With the intense heat who accompanied us, a sports cap turned out to be my friend guarding my eyes from the rays of sunlight.

American Eagle Outfitters Pants,Sports cap and loose top from bazar vintage market, Melissa flats,