photos by me

Surely by now you had an overload of dried fishes and squids flooding through my post.  If your taste palette is fond of dried food,this I assure you its delicious,  when I happen to buy half a kilo of it since I was tempted by my colleague.  Located in Calapan city's modern public market, I walked around snapping snapshots of every detail that captured my attention.  I was fascinated by the beautiful smiles of children shying away from the lens and vendors characterized by assiduous working skills to earn every single cent. 

 The two-storey public market framed by different household items and RTW products on the first floor while on the second floor meat, vegetables and fishes were sold. Thus this exploring seemed to be impromptu, and the day was starting to take over by night, I only walked around the first floor area. As I've said I was lured to buy some dried fishes since my colleagues already bought for themselves and vendors were performing marketing techniques on me . Be prepared with your bargain hunting skills while shopping around. 

Just beside the modern public market, existed the "Food Hawkers Centrale". A display of different stalls of street food for a pocket friendly price. In comparison of which to try, I ended up with Goto, a filipino version of Congee. Served warm complete with condiments on the side. 

Now I had enough of dried fishes and all things warm for today. 

Zara shirt, Vintage white skirt, Melissa flats, Sports cap from bazaar vintage market.