photos by: me

Weeks ago I was trodding my way in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. The night as we arrived in Puerto Princesa, I had the satisfaction of trying out grilled food in Kinabuch restaurant. Thus, the next day something different would do. My taste palette was able to try eating scrumptious food at Ka-Inato restaurant. My exotic senses functioned and it made me eat the city's famous crocodile sisig. It wasn't that bad, really. How ironic that we haven't ordered the restaurant's famous chicken inasal instead opted for seafood instead. The ambiance totally caught me with sights of colors and floral and to mention the 16 flying men clinging to what it looks like a wheel. 

Half of the day left and literally so much places to cover. Since I have mentioned about Sta. Monica Ranch previously, in capsule here are the other places I've visited around the city:

Baker's Hill- Get lost in the life-sized figures while roaming around. Baker's Hill offers different baked goodies and delicious chocolate crinkles in which I hoarded some. Take note of Shake-a-Hula, they serve thirst quenching flavors of shake. I decided to try flower shake coz' I was drawn upon the rich blue colors of the petals. It does taste like plant but awesome.

Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center - Prepare to see different sizes of crocodiles or even get to hold a baby crocodile if you have the courage to take a photo with. Be welcomed with the giant size skin of a crocodile in which his death was caused by stress. Yes, stress.  Never in my life I have seen crocodiles piling up and glued to the side of the wall. If your a shopaholic yourself, choose from an array of colorful shirts and stuffed animals which you can find on your way out the conservation center.

Immaculate Concepcion Church -  It was a beauty seeing the cathedral's architecture. It was windy during the time but still I stayed outside to snap some photos. Can't leave without seeing the statue of Immaculate Concepcion which is the city's patron saint. Being my first time visiting the church, I did my 3 wishes routine and prayers. 

Delma Pearl and Souvenir shop - One of the last stops of roaming around the city was the souvenir shops. A multitude of handicrafts and south sea pearls were on display. Famous handicraft being sold is the rainmaker, you can see them in different sizes and design. But I was fathomed with the south sea pearls seen in different colors, in my head I could picture outfits that can match. 

I had the experience of bliss moments roaming around the city. This was actually my first time wandering Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Being located in a different city instantly makes me curious. Not knowing what lies ahead made me look forward on what Puerto Princesa could offer. Now, I can't wait to get back.