A few weeks ago, I refrained myself from using my laptop, rationalizing the need for having my eyes to have a complete rest before bedtime. The fact that I've been working in the office eight hours a day facing the computer, hunched back, gave me the reason to completely give myself a rest from sleeping late nights. 

Nevertheless, I came to miss my ever trusty laptop and editing photos, that I gave up a few days ago and went back to my routine of editing photos before sleeping. 

Thus, here are the first set of photos that I would like to share when I was dining out at one of the best Spanish restaurant, COVA Tapas Y Sangria, located at the streets of Jupiter, Makati. I tried to keep it simple wearing a black shirt with a vintage hand me down skirt. Accessorized with a gold necklace and a Sunnies specs and I'm good to go. 

Read about my dining experience here at and find out my recommendations. 

P.S. Love the Sangria. 

Forever 21 top, Vintage skirt, Fiore heels, Sunnies by Charlie Specs

Photo by: Kars Cabalda