Photos by me 

Through my photos captured by my phone, Instagram aside,  I intend to display a colorful insight while exploring around Enchanted Kingdom. Like Disneyland, Enchanted Kingdom gives me an out of body experience, and an overpriced dart throw game that ended up no reward of an oversize stuff toy. This amusement park operates late in the morning up to nine in the evening. If you don't mind kids running around the vicinity then going on a weekend would not be a problem. 

Ferris wheel and carousel in particular gave me the most calming sensibilities while feeling the breezy air on my face. In juxtapose to the calming ride, the Space Shuttle (roller coaster) was predictably amusing, of course. My body was in pendulum motion when I agreed to ride the Anchors Away. The ride designed like a pirate ship swings back and forth in motion like a pendulum clock. Witnessed kids screaming their lungs out, almost throwing up, as the ride swings up to 70 degrees in angle, fun right?.

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