Photos by : Carissa Inez

Hello Paradizoo, you've been a delight to visit! Morning in Tagaytay and just like that the sun rises amidst paradise of flower, vegetable and farm animals. I have every intention of showing Paradizoo and Residence Inn captured through my phone and simultaneously posting instagram photos. If you happen to stalk me on instagram @carissainez, you may have witnessed my situation. 

For a place as grand as this, you have several options of wandering around the flower and vegetable farm or maybe yet have a getting to know with the farm animals. I've been frequently visiting Tagaytay and only my first time to see Paradizoo, and what a way to spend a weekend surrounded by animals. After Paradizoo, a quick shuttle ride then I found myself at Residence Inn. If I saw deers and camel in Paradizoo, I got to discern visually lions and tigers at Residence Inn. Surely you wouldn't wanna miss that! 

Read closely, you can witness Paradizoo yourself for free! Follow and send me a tweet over my twitter account @carissainez indicating your email address and the number of people you are with and I'll send you passes! This passes would last up to March 2, 2014. Fill in your curiosity of wanderlust and see Zoomanity Group.