photos by Carissa Inez

In an instant, these images brought me back to the crystal blue waters of Hundred Islands in Pangasinan. I was here two weeks ago entirely unprepared. I was walking on powdered sands completely with no sunscreen, exploring the different islands in Pangasinan. With time constraints I visited the Governor's Island  and specifically loved the viewing deck. I realized how quirky the island names are especially Devil's island and Kissing island. I've heard about Hundred Islands before but never really got the chance to visit it until two weeks ago. Though it was a sweet and short time, these little pieces of islands, exactly 123, gave me the notion that this place is a traveler's paradise. My afternoon was filled with blue-green shades of seawater with ethereal sunlight glistening to my skin. Scenic islands like these are worth every frame of the camera.