1. Departing Manila to Cebu later around 6:00 P.M. / 2. Morning walk around Downtown, Cebu

3. In awe of colorful buildings / 4. Found favorite red roses along the sidewalk

5. Raindrops in my windowsill / 6. Drove around in a rainy day

7.Saw more buildings with unique shape rooftop / 8. Around Ayala, Cebu

 9. Gelato cravings for dessert / 10. Can't count how many guitars I saw

 9. Getting lost around Cebu / 10. Feeding on colorful bears

11. Morning sunlight in Cebu / 12. Finding some cute items

13. Last minute souvenir hopping / 14. Can't go home without Zubochon

Now that I'm back in Manila, I'm sharing some moments I captured while I was in Cebu recently. Though it is not my first time in the Visayas Region. I've been to Cebu a year ago, Bacolod and Iloilo. Nevertheless Cebu isn't an optional city to go to. I can say that mornings are the best time to walk around and discover Cebu City deviating myself to ride a cab. It was only on my third day  that rain decided to pour and I must take a ride.

I found myself joining the bandwagon of hoarding dried mangoes. To name a few classification of dried items...dried mangoes in bits, dried mangoes wrapped in chocolate, and found some dried pineapples too.  When it comes to souvenir shopping usually I found so much people in the supermarket buying souvenir items packed in carton boxes as if the universe has it all. And one more thing, never leave Cebu without tasting their special lechon.

Meanwhile, in Manila now, thinking of retail therapy shopping. The most convenient way to do it is online. I happen to browse some stylish clothes and accessories at Zalora which might end up in my closet. Extremely reasonable to shop boots, playsuit, and that watch which quickly became a favorite the moment I saw it. 

Thus, I should click buy and never look back. 

Photos by Carissa Inez