Bacolod City, the most densely populated city of the province Negros Occidental. Indeed it has been my second home since some of our relatives live here other than Iloilo where I grew up. Highly notable for the MassKara Festival (ironically, I haven't experienced yet) and most of all the friendly smiles you get from people thus bearing the nickname the "City of Smiles". Plus I love the sunny weather in the city, it gave me enough reason to take lots of photos.

Let's direct the topic on the photos, well some of the photos here are shot by Ms. Meng Amihan in which after, I just did a little tweak on Photoshop. Enough of me blabbing, hope these photos feed your visual minds. x

photos by: Meng Amihan and me

"My cheeks were reflecting the longest wavelength...", I believe so, literally. Playing tourist in my second hometown, running around Ruins, indulging on Calea cakes, and being with my family were some of the activities to mention.  My last day before leaving was dedicated to buying a lot of bring home gifts and eating a lot of "chicken inasal" which is pretty authentic in Bacolod. I could say it is much more delicious though it is available in Manila. Let's direct the topic to the last photo which is kind of my favorite, Provincial Capitol building, the structure says it all. The quintessential neo-colonial design draws attention, in my mind I was wishing if only I came during daylight.

I tried arranging the photos according to sequence of situation but clearly I failed ended up, disheveled.

P.S.: Gained knowledge on how to edit the first photo through Pugly Pixel's blog. Cheers!