photos by Peter Mediodia

Writing about these photos while simultaneously updating my Tumblr profile and working at the same time can cause brain confusion somehow. So here we go, chilly afternoon spent in the streets of modern Central. I was in a dilemma on what acceptable clothes to wear in the winter season of Hong Kong since I am from a tropical country.  Layered in Promod leather jacket, Uniqlo knit top, Ksubi shorts and thrifted thermals saved me from chills. This jacket has cozy lining with sleeves that permits me to move liberally. 

 Hong Kong gave me realizations that we are living in a fast paced life. People were like rushing to and fro (it wasn't even a rush hour). Playing tourist in between train stations caused myself in tangle with a group of people in the walkalator. I was completely sashaying on the wrong side. Oh dear moments of embarrassment. Remind me of my left and right please. x

Promod leather jacket, Uniqlo knit top, Ksubi shorts, Thrifted thermals, Vintage Pearl Necklace, Mango shoulder bag,