Earlier this year I was in Hong Kong, for a short period of time. I tried to squeeze in all the possibilities of wandering around the place but there were too much to handle when I caught myself stuck in the brochure and flyer section just as we had landed on the airport.  On our last day in Hong Kong I spent my time walking and sashaying around the corners of Central District. While I was arranging my photos from Hong Kong deciding on which to talk about, these set of photos brought memories first in my thoughts.  

photos by Peter Mediodia and Me

I began to appreciate the modern streets of Central, being the business district with its glittering skyscrapers and luxury chic boutiques in array. I took the freedom of taking shots after shots of the picturesque view of towering walls made up of glass and steel.  It was my first time here in Hong Kong and I wanted to experience every mode of transportation. My adventurous side unleashed, I decided to take my lunch in a different part of the city and tried riding the TRAM which was peculiarly fun. Can’t wait to be back here and experience more of Hong Kong. I think that is a must.