A day ago I was between work and pleasure of wandering around the city of Tarlac. The day started quite early and as we were on the road I was too busy indulging the view of the horizon and the bluish sky. Travel on the road took longer than the calculated time of arrival, thus in between I was taking catnaps and blasting my earphones with songs from Adrian Lux. 

Meeting was done, it was time to head back to Manila but before that we went for lunch at Matutina's Seafood in which a plethora of different viand was ordered from crispy shrimp, squid, and mixed vegetables to name a few. It was quite overwhelming, promise. I recommend to try tasting the crispy shrimp, its way too delicious. The moment it was placed on our table, it was devoured graciously (see it here for yourself).  I was intrigued and enthralled by the figurine of a chef hanging in between the mirrors, I quickly took a snapshot of it, here

It's time to head home before cumulus clouds turn to nimbus. I particularly like cumulus clouds, just instantly I grabbed the camera in my lap and took photos of it when I saw. They remind me of a flavored cotton candy floating above the sky, though sometimes its indecipherable for me to identify types of clouds in the sky. Can you?