A month ago to be exact, I had the pleasure of celebrating Chinese New Year with my friends in Binondo, China Town. We tried everything from dumplings to noodles with added laughter and stories on the side. China Town is known for its highest nabe of population but visiting China Town can be a delight for all food  and culture enthusiast. Here are the suggestive restaurants and things to try when you are Binondo.  Let's start.

A number of restaurant may greet you, prepare yourself. Recommendation to walk your way through Yuchengo street, find Dong Bei Dumplings and indulge on Beijing-style homemade dumplings.  Watch the ladies make your dumplings! Next if your still hungry, you may nourish your appetite at The Original Salido Restaurant located at Ongpin Street. Don't miss the pugon roasted pork asado, it's a must I say. For noodle cravings, try Wai Ying. 

Realize that you are full enough from all the food intake that the next best thing was do the walking tour and feast your eyes with all the dragons. Have your photo taken in the middle of the crowd side by side having conversations with your friends. Ride the horse drawn calash or Kalesa as they say and reminisced your head with history lessons.

This is all for now, at least. China Town Diary II is up next!

Photos by: Carissa Inez