Summer is already here!


Summer is already here! Better way to spend your summer is to lounge lazily on the beach. These are some of the jumbled photos I took while I was in Boracay weeks ago. I'm trying to sort out all of the photos left unpublished and planning to write about it as soon as I can.

All I can say that tourists will constantly fly in and out of Boracay anytime of the year but definitely the months of March to May is a must visit. During the daytime I found myself window shopping in D'Mall in my free time seeking gifts to take home. At night I divide my time in eating seafood and sipping cocktails at Epic.

At Crown Regency Hotel and Convention Center, Station 2, I found waves crashing in the pool, mermaids swimming in the aquarium and the biggest pearl found on deep waters. More about  these information and vivid photographs over at When In, in which I'm happy to announce that from now on you'll be reading some of my articles time to time at since I became a part of their list of contributors.

Photos by: Carissa Inez