Presenting the graphical images shot when I was in Hong Kong earlier this year. I devoted a day creating photos depicting the busy streets of Hong Kong, in particular Causeway bay, and Central. Pretty much the volume of the people can increase in a blink of an eye. Truly, I had to walk in jet set mode. Couldn't get more exciting than the impromptu exploration in Causeway bay, I come to love the city plus the 16 degree weather I suppose.

My life is a bit crazy right now, crazy good I guess. Receiving and sending postcards has turned to be a habit for me.  Well another one is I think I'm in a progression of liking in a far distant way. I don't know how to explain but maybe it will come out naturally as I type in my next post. The thrill of receiving one is quite addicting. I’ll write about that next time. In the meantime I’m in a rush, in the middle of an upcoming training so that’s a wrap for now or maybe I could update this again next I have more to say just not in the right moment to compose my thoughts.