So I met a few people who has the same passion as mine...

Say hello to Tina from Germany, in which I had splendid conversations of her 10-day experience here in the Philippines, and bits and pieces about Germany.  cheers to Big Blog X.


Couldn't be more happier seeing bloggers with the brightest smiles and exuberant energy, Shine, Pao, Anna, Rudstin, Ross, Tina and of course the owner of the Where2next hostel, Vicki. If your a traveler and may want to pay a visit to the Philippines, the place sure is cozy enough. We had the warmest welcome by the owner of the hostel and before anything else an obligatory introductory requirements was done when I arrived at the event.

Nervous at the beginning but it quickly turned into an astounding late afternoon. Quickly answered questions and feedback regarding Big Blog X, hoping that in the next coming year there will be more opportunities to win. I for one would want to trade lives, you know. Aside from the getting-to-know kind of stage moments, we had a quick tour of the entire hostel, and was fascinated with the overall graffiti designs of the place.