done by me truly

If there's anything on top of my dresser, these are the things that you would spot on. With an Asian genetics, definitely I lack the volume of eyelashes instead of being wistful about it, I'm trying to comprehend through mascaras. Balala Dance Power Doll Make-up Mascara was definitely a good buy when I was travelling in Thailand. It comes in two, a bottle of mascara and a bottle of fibre. As I would always apply the mascara from root to tip first, and for the fibre wand, quickly sweep at the thinner end, to create the voluminous look of the lashes.

When it comes to accessories, I tend to be minimal. Often I would use a pair of earrings and watch or necklace and watch. Next it would always be my habit to put on red lipstick during those lazy days when I don't wanna go through the process of applying numerous stuff on my face. Forever 21 love and beauty red lipstick is no diggity one of the red lipstick I often use. Pretty much handy to apply to have that glam look during those last minute decisions of having a night out with friends.

Forever 21 Love and beauty red lipstick, Balala Dance Power Doll Make-up Mascara, Michael Kors Watch, Gifted Panther Earrings and pearl necklace, Aldo Earrings