It's been a couple of months that I've been collating my photos that I've took when I was in HK Disneyland. I just wanted it to look perfect since all the elements of colors which I fascinate are on the photos. So here goes...

If you mean amusement park, Disneyland must be it. I set foot in this magical place with the notion that I was located somewhere else. I walked around capturing every structure. I paced and found myself going back and forth to the candy-colored castle, in a dreamy state that I could be transformed into a Disney Princess (where's my costume?). The Mickey Mouse ice cream was a delight in my tastebuds. The thought of buying a dozen to take home surely came across me, nevertheless there are those list of rides written in my head that needed accomplishment.

I boarded the train first to foresee the entire Disneyland. I sat in the middle, surrounded by tourists of different nationalities. I was in total silence. Agitated for the ride to finish since I wanted to be inside the Mad-hatter's teacup, when I saw it from afar. Train reached its final stop, my head in applause, I knew next it was the teacup moment. I hopped on the Mad-hatter's teacup and experienced being salt-shaken. Whirled around in a circular motion, dressed in a flashy neon pink trench coat, in concern whether my joints was still in whole... yes this kind of happening was documented in video that I have yet to post. Pretty intense.

Bench Sweater, Promod Skirt, neon pink trench coat, Shoebox ankle boots, Mango shoulder bag