Previously I wrote about my adventure in china town, but I guess the numerous photos i took joyfully couldn't just fit into one post, so a second batch of photos to be shared to the world  wouldn't hurt, right? I've come to realize that I must really like taking photographs and spend hours editing and contemplating till I'm satisfied how the photographs look like. Now taking baby steps in learning how to photograph people and if you're curious on what photographs are those, you can actually see it on my tumblr site. Leave it to me to activate insomnia and stay awake in ungodly hours to experiment with different editing tools. Nevertheless I hope you enjoy what I'm coming up with.

If you have any photos that you would like me to edit, I would do it gladly for you. Just send them to my email.
P.S. for china town recommendations you may find it here.

Photos by: Carissa Inez