It took a while for me to put these second batch of intensely hued photos together but ta daaaa here goes...

I've always daydream about Greece, the idea of a park similarly constructed to Santorini in Greece made my feet set to the place. After the immense amount of time allocated to meet and greet with the elephants, I couldn't allow to leave Thailand without getting a glimpse of the park,located in Cha-am, Phetchaburi so it was my idea actually to rush ourselves here. Spent the day walking around the village area where brands, palatable food, bring home items exist. Traveling gives me the controlled freedom to land on a foreign place having the experience of different existential of minds. The place spins me around, all things built here is a definite version of awesome if you are a photo bomb enthusiast. The first part of my Santorini photo diary wasn't enough to justify my appreciation for the park so I guess these second post of illustrations suffice it. On the other hand  since it was a weekday we weren't able to experience performances and the haven of handicrafts which happens during the weekend art market. If you got questions in mind ask me here or any experience of the weekend art market here please do share it with me, been dying to know. 

Reminding myself to pack sunscreen when I have a chance to visit the place again, the sunny weather on my skin just gave human body secretions of water in my pores.