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Out of the many beaches, I've travelled onto probably Puerto Galera has been the most accessible white sand beach to go to, since it's a bus + boat ride away from Manila. Some weeks ago, my friends and I packed our bags and went to Puerto Galera to celebrate the weekend. We stayed at Mendelluke Suites with a pleasing balcony in front. As a beach enthusiast myself, let me cull a list of things to do on how you can spend a day at the beach without having an experience of slight boredom.


Living in a tropical country, where else to head during summer but the beach. The beach may be my usual location to go whenever I want to relax. Perhaps the sound of the waves crashing and deafening silence of the island during early morning were the reasons I find it peaceful at a certain time of the day. Usually I just sit on the shore, watch the waves and transformation of sky colors when the time progresses.

Collection of graphical imagery taken in Bantayan Island, Cebu. The cozy place at Sunday Flower Beach Hotel in Santa Fe, complemented the exhaustion of a bus ride of 3 hours and an hour ride of ferry in Hagnaya port to get to the island. Good thing, the location of the hotel was strategic enough to be minutes away from the restaurants. I made a mental note to myself to try seafood.

 The island was abundant in nature. I was in awe to see beautiful pastel skies, a rare situation in the city. One of the reasons why I would always go to the beach was to witness this perfect moment watching the heaven filled with wispy clouds and pastel hues. Countless days spent on the beach where it seems guilty to be indoors. 


1. Watching the different yachts as we arrived in Galera 2. Found lovely flowers growing
3. Admiring the boat from afar 4. Overlooking view from the balcony of the villa

 5. Sitting around in my DKNY shirt and American Eagle Outfitters shorts 6. Swinging back and forth in the hanging sofa
7. Greeting good morning to Mother Nature 8. Felt joy waking up early as I had expected

9. My attempt to make a heart-shaped butter toast 10. Swim essentials bikini from Beach Buddy
11.Felt like Snow White when I saw this dwarf statue 12. Being lazy, lying around and admiring the view

13. Felt blithe watching the serene blue waves 14. Beach walking in my flowery Wet Seal shorts, Crocs wedge, and Vintage military green lace shirt
15. Played peace and love shadows with Krissy 16. Fighting the glaring sunlight

Just when I thought I couldn't miss the beach more, here I am generating thoughts about some of my Instagram photos. Uploading these first since I have not much time of transferring the photos from my camera and grabbing some of the photos from my friends. Having these photos in my phone it's inevitable for me not to upload it on my Instagram during the week. If anyone of you has been on Instagram, give me a shout out, we may feel truly the same by getting addicted updating. 

Last weekend I was with my friends at Galera at a different part of Galera I may say. Instead of staying in  White Beach we stayed at  a Villa in Puerto Galera Yacht Club, Muelle and crossed our way to White Beach during the day. The weekend was filled with salt skin and fresh air indeed. It was the birthday celebration of my friend, Nic and her lovely wife, Nora, did all of these for him. Aren't they a sweet couple? I could just remember how Nora, told me their love story, it made me believe that there is a happy ever after. I had enormous amount of time conversing with Mother Nature on how much beauty she gives on Earth. My friends were just awesome to be around, we ended up talking about strange and random stuff from religion to Math and anything in between. It's a bit sad that at this moment I'm engrossed typing on my laptop but in my mind I'm daydreaming about sand on my toes and salt water on my skin.


It's not too late to tell about my beach happenings at this time isn't it? I don't know why it took a while for me to upload this, but surely it doesn't mean that I have neglected my love for the beach.

 editing done by me truly

I surely miss my times spent with my girls just laying around on the beach, not thinking of what will happen next. It's at these rainy days that my feelings double into missing the sand and beach waves. Recommendations were done at my previous post, but those images were not enough to reflect on how much fun I had, this video serves it well. Most of the time I had the chance of capturing candid moments of my friends checking out their mobile, having selfie shots, the sunset views which I can never get tired of and hanging out with Mikey Bustos and his friends, those dancing moves which totally helped me to get to bed early coz of exhaustion. These moments will not be replicated so better yet record it while it was happening.

credits to Icona Pop- I love it for the song.




Consider this as another set of color blast graphics. I could talk forever about the beaches  resorts here in the Philippines that I have been to, but traveling to different kinds of beach situations made me think of what if my life would revolve around sand and waves, will I be able to live with it? Well, I'm not entirely sure if I could answer this right now, all I know is I enjoy walking on beach shore, swimming in blue waters (minus the jellyfish) and a new found hobby, riding in jet ski. Walking around the beach shore creates a glorious disconnection between me and the online world/laptop/iphone/social networking. It does give me a good feeling being able to tolerate myself from not checking my instagram, twitter, email, or even thinking about hashtags.  I have a separate bucket list for beaches I daydream of traveling to, some of them sound cliché locations, nevertheless I felt that I needed to be in those myself.


Hello there! Writing my thoughts about my collected photographs when I was hanging around the beach lately. How ironic it is that I could clearly hear the pitterpat drops of rain in my rooftop while writing about sunset. It's a bit sad that summer is almost over, and the wet season is about to take over, but nevertheless it would be a reason to go twirling in the rain. Right now I'm currently finishing writing on some postcards I've bought recently to send to my postcard pen pals in the different parts of the world. It warms my heart that I get to share my thoughts on the beauty of my country.

Whenever I get to enjoy hanging around the beach shore I try to create or photograph moments that I believe would be postcard perfect. The vivid colors would always be evident in whatever photograph I would take. When Efem and I were bummin' around late afternoon in the beach I decided to wander around and take these moments. People watching was one of our activity during that time. I would notice group of families with their babies running around the shore and the mothers' chasing after them. There would also be couples having their moments in the water which I don't wanna elaborate on, group of friends sharing laughter and taking jump shots and lovers of the same gender I suppose. Lots of personalities on a same location. Funny how I spent my afternoon observing them before I decided to take a swim in the salty water.



Running away from the scorching heat of the sun while I was on the beach was extremely impossible. Beach hats, towels, sarongs or whatever kind of clothing I would wrap around would never be enough, thus I resorted to mother nature. Thankful for the existence of these family of plants, Arecaceae or in not so scientific term, palm trees germinating around the beach. 


It was practically an extreme hot weather when I visited the UNESCO World Heritage site of St. Augustine Church or known as the Paoay Church.