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photos by me

A week long cold atmosphere stay in the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio city and sharing my perspective on how I see Baguio through my photos. It was more of work during the day and at night I try to divide my time walking around Burnham Park, since it's the closest park near our hotel and finding vintage stuff sold in night market on the streets of Abanao Square.  

During the middle of the week, I got excited coz my blogger friend Ruds was coming to Baguio as well. Being the food blogger that he is, I got a few recommendations from him on where to find some authentic Baguio dishes plus the strawberry taho. We met up in 50's diner, had our usual laugh and chat. I experienced eating the huge delicious burger, (a must try for burger addicts), coz the last time I visited, I had sundae and shrimp.   

As obvious as it is, I was in awe of the beautiful flowers which I found in Baguio. I would often visit the Orchidarium in between lunch breaks to unwind and breathe floral air. As you walk around the Orchidarium you would find rare flowers with a cheap tag price. I guess these photos are my best to give you as a glimpse. A must to visit. I learned that during the month of February, the city is celebrating its Panagbenga Festival, where floats are decorated with flowers and showcased in the streets of Baguio. I haven't got to witness this yet, hopefully soon. I wouldn't miss the chance of seeing floral everywhere dancing on the streets. 

Before leaving Baguio, don't forget to take home with you strawberries and souvenirs. Visit the market located at the base of Session Road on Magsaysay Avenue. If ever you are in need of zucchini, in which I have purchased randomly, surely this place has it all. 


Photo Processing: Carissa Inez

Switched from the plain cardigan to an intricate one when I was strolling around Baguio. In an instant, these photos reminded me of the cold atmosphere that Baguio possess. It was a ponder of what to wear in a bleak weather without being to literal. Surely, I would pack an added jacket when out traipsing on the streets, sipping my strawberry taho and be amused of the vintage finds located in session road (the night market is a different story). 

Enough of the time travel, back to real time setting and face the fact that I've been sickly this week. After weekends of not having enough rest being out and about can be quite an exhaustion. Last weekend I was happily in an amusement park with my friends. No ride was spaced out until the day turned into night time signaling my body to a halt. 

Adrienne Vittadini knitted jacket, Esprit cardigan, Vintage pencil skirt and bag, Bazaar flats

YEAR OF 2013

Wrapping up 2013 can be walk down memory lane through my photos. 2013 has been a year wherein I never thought I would be soaking in different places capturing numerous photos, that would depict vibrancy and life. It was also this year that my snapshot of palm trees was included in the July 2013 edition of ELLE CANADA. I never thought blogging can be so much fun and I'm grateful I could share my experience through this space.

The year started with a trip to Hong Kong, exploring Central, Tian Tan Buddha, streets of Hong Kong and of course, Disneyland. By February, I was constantly looking for places to discover. I've been to beaches a couple of times with my friends. Just soaking in sunlight, and drinking ridiculous amount of shakes. Even though I've visited that place twice, thrice or gosh who knows how many times, I would still feel something was different, and needed photographing. March came and I found myself in the streets of Cebu and a visit to Plantation Bay was worthwhile relaxing. Capturing images that mirrors culture and tranquility gave me happiness and fulfillment. I never knew I could ever do these, I guess I'm just grateful now.

June was the time where I was able to meet fellow bloggers. People with the same passion for writing and sharing experiences in the internet world. I can remember I traveled to Pontefino, along with editors of the newspapers and bloggers, grasping the serenity of the place and having ridiculous fun. I instantly adore his photography which exhibits timeless aesthetic framing moments in such a blink of an eye.

Then it was a continuous adventure as months came... from walking around Puerto Princesa, Calapan, Tarlac, Baguio and flying to a nearby country once again, Bangkok.

If you are curious enough, scroll to my favorite images throughout the year.

Carousels would always be my favorite during my visit in Disneyland
soaking in sand and sunset around beaches
Bantayan Island and Plantation Bay in Cebu shot in a relaxing approach
Tian Tan Buddha, HK
spinning circles in teacups
meeting people with the same passion of blogging

instagram images when i was in Bangkok 

After a year of wanderlust, I definitely cannot stop myself from traveling. The map is such a huge inspiration to stare at and imagine myself located in those spots. Cheers to new beginnings armed with hope and dreams!