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Oh here we go, after a weekend full of Instagram happenings, finally have the time to showcase the graphical real version of it. In which I had the glorious weekend of staying over at Hotel Pontefino, for a span of 24 hours I've witnessed the entire beauty of the Hotel, Residences, and the city of Batangas. And oh I almost forgot, added to the list of happenings were the Philippine Azkals and the ladies of 2013 Ms. Philippines-Earth.

Filipinos have that certain aura of sincere gestures that radiate impressive hospitality which for a fact, entirely known in Asia. With the experience of staying at Hotel Pontefino, surrounded by informative staff,  is by far the best place to stay in Batangas City. The boutique hotel in Pontefino is one of the places we reside at. Apart from the hotel, there is an array of Victorian style residences which personally, I love most for the reason of intense color of the houses. For those who have the desire to live in style 24/7,  Pontefino residences is the choice. But those are just the visible architectures at Pontefino, what I'm more excited about is the Terraces, in which I had witness the groundbreaking moment.

So it seems the experience in staying at Pontefino was pretty much cozy. Waking up in my bedraggled hair, styled by Piandre, was simply a moment where I would think of getting back to sleep again, wrapped in swathe sheets of crisp white linens. I tried, but it just wasn't possible, coz' I can't let the moment slip without dipping my toes in the crystal blue-colored pool. Yes, it was a worth decision made. Pranced around the pool location with Rudstin, Tin and John.  Aside from that I was able to gawkily shoot photos with Rudstin. More on that later.

Photos by: Me and Rudstin


Now let me tell you how this place screams stark simplicity...

YEAR OF 2013

Wrapping up 2013 can be walk down memory lane through my photos. 2013 has been a year wherein I never thought I would be soaking in different places capturing numerous photos, that would depict vibrancy and life. It was also this year that my snapshot of palm trees was included in the July 2013 edition of ELLE CANADA. I never thought blogging can be so much fun and I'm grateful I could share my experience through this space.

The year started with a trip to Hong Kong, exploring Central, Tian Tan Buddha, streets of Hong Kong and of course, Disneyland. By February, I was constantly looking for places to discover. I've been to beaches a couple of times with my friends. Just soaking in sunlight, and drinking ridiculous amount of shakes. Even though I've visited that place twice, thrice or gosh who knows how many times, I would still feel something was different, and needed photographing. March came and I found myself in the streets of Cebu and a visit to Plantation Bay was worthwhile relaxing. Capturing images that mirrors culture and tranquility gave me happiness and fulfillment. I never knew I could ever do these, I guess I'm just grateful now.

June was the time where I was able to meet fellow bloggers. People with the same passion for writing and sharing experiences in the internet world. I can remember I traveled to Pontefino, along with editors of the newspapers and bloggers, grasping the serenity of the place and having ridiculous fun. I instantly adore his photography which exhibits timeless aesthetic framing moments in such a blink of an eye.

Then it was a continuous adventure as months came... from walking around Puerto Princesa, Calapan, Tarlac, Baguio and flying to a nearby country once again, Bangkok.

If you are curious enough, scroll to my favorite images throughout the year.

Carousels would always be my favorite during my visit in Disneyland
soaking in sand and sunset around beaches
Bantayan Island and Plantation Bay in Cebu shot in a relaxing approach
Tian Tan Buddha, HK
spinning circles in teacups
meeting people with the same passion of blogging

instagram images when i was in Bangkok 

After a year of wanderlust, I definitely cannot stop myself from traveling. The map is such a huge inspiration to stare at and imagine myself located in those spots. Cheers to new beginnings armed with hope and dreams!